Skin Analysis Certification 

The Skin Analysis Certification course offers a deep dive into understanding and analyzing diverse skin types and conditions. Covering the five layers of the skin and their functions, students learn to differentiate between skin types and identify common conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation. Root causes of skin issues are explored, along with prevention and treatment strategies. By course end, students gain the knowledge and skills to conduct thorough skin analysis and provide tailored skincare recommendations.

Learning Formats: Online

What you'll learn about:

  • Deep Dive into Skin Structure: Gain expert knowledge on skin layers and their functions, crucial for any skincare professional.
  • Custom Treatment Protocols: Master the ability to develop customized treatment plans based on individual skin analysis, addressing specific skin conditions effectively.
  • Prioritize Safety in Skincare: Ensure the highest standards of care with comprehensive training on safety and contraindications. Protect your clients and build trust by providing safe and effective skin treatments.
  • Cutting-Edge Ingredients: Understand the use of advanced skincare ingredients, including peptides, plant stem cells, and delivery mechanisms for maximum skin benefits.


What your clients will experience:

  • Customized Skincare Approaches: Clients enjoy personalized treatments tailored to their unique skin types and concerns, ensuring effective results.
  • Assured Safety in Treatment: Clients feel secure knowing they are in the hands of professionals trained in the latest safety protocols and best practices when it comes to their skin.
  • Noticeable Skin Improvements: Clients observe significant enhancements in the appearance and health of their skin, thanks to targeted and effective treatments.
  • Informed Skincare Recommendations: Clients receive detailed post-treatment guidance and home care suggestions to help maintain and enhance the effects of their treatments.

Course Dates

If the scheduled classes do not align with your availability, please reach out to us to explore alternative dates!



Location: Private Meeting Link Provided

Class Time: 10:00am - 2:30pm PDT


🗓️ August 5, 2024

10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

🗓️ August 28, 2024

10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

🗓️ September 11, 2024

10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

🗓️ September 23, 2024

10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

🗓️ October 1, 2024

10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

🗓️ October 7, 2024

10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

🗓️ October 30, 2024

Purchase: 10:00am - 2:30pm PDT | Purchase: Online

“Clients have noticed the difference…”

"After completing the skin analysis course, I feel fully equipped to handle any skin concern that comes my way. My clients have noticed the difference too, and my appointment book is busier than ever!"

- Jamie, Los Angeles, CA

“Went beyond just teaching basics…”

“This course went beyond just teaching basics; it taught me how to analyze skin scientifically and tailor treatments for every one of my clients.”

- Lisa, Riverside, CA

“It's incredibly rewarding...”

"Clients have been commenting on how much healthier their skin looks since I started applying the techniques I learned. It's incredibly rewarding to see such tangible results and know it's due to my enhanced expertise.”

- Emma, Orange County, CA

“Thrilled with the results...”

"My clients trust me more because I can explain all the treatments and their benefits clearly. They're thrilled with the results they see with DBH products."

- Susan, Los Angeles, CA

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