GEL Lash Lift


Transform your lashes for 8-12 weeks without mascara, curlers, or extensions.

Discover why celebrities and beauty bloggers alike are raving about the benefits of semi-permanent eyelash lifting. Enjoy longer, thicker, darker, uplifted lashes without the need for curlers, mascara or extensions. G.E.L. Lashes’ next-generation SuperBoost lash lift brings out the best in your natural eyelashes, and the effect lasts as long as your lashes do – about 8-12 weeks.

Format: In-Person / Online
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Certification Economics


Invest in education that brings you a new product offering for your existing clients, new clients, new revenue, and continued business.

Included in your certification is a starting kit to provide 15 sessions/treatments. DICA Academy suggests charging $100-$150/session. Gain an instant boost to your sales!

CaliforniaΒ Campus

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If the scheduled class dates do not align with your availability, please reach out to us to explore alternative dates!

Earn your GEL Lash Lift Certification:

Lengthen, thicken, darken, and uplift lashes, lasting for 8-12 weeks.
A non-invasive procedure that can be done in the salon or at home with little to no irritation.
Gel lash lifts adheres to all natural hair follicles creating dark, lustrous lashes that are visible no matter how transparent the color of the person's natural eyelashes.
Transform your lashes in as little as one hour with scientifically proven and patented technology.

The GEL Lash Lift Certification includes:

βœ“ Certification
βœ“ Training Manual
βœ“ Includes: Full Kit & Supplies Provided

βœ“ Support from our in-house estheticians 
βœ“ Access to ongoing education and treatment updates 

Build a Skill That Increases Business Over Time 


Acquire new skills and techniques that reward you and build your professional credibility. Gain a competitive advantage over other professionals and increase your earning potential. 

What Our Clients Say

“Feel more confident…”

"So glad they offered Online training. The instructor spoke very clearly and was very patient. I feel more confident sharing the GEL Lash treatment with my customers.”

- Jany, Midway, Tx

“Excited to offer…”

"I enjoyed every minute of it! I am a lash artist and now excited to offer GEL Lash to my service.”

- Sam, Los Angeles CA

Free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol, and allergens.

DICA Academy exclusively recommends Dermaesthetics Beverely Hills products with the treatments taught. With over 40 years experience as a made-in-USA manufacturer, the Dermaesthetics team has developed more than 500 formulas with clinically proven results.

DICA prides itself on teaching treatment principles and protocols used by the industry giants as all of our instructors stay updated with current and upcoming technologies. Many of them operate their own salons and relate to your journeys.

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